Athlete Highlights: GS Speedster Runningbacks Prier & Toney Among Eastbay Leaders and prove “Speed is King”

Our proof is in the pudding. Size is good but speed dominates at the high school level.

Aaron Prier of Salesian (Richmond) and Ryan Toney of Valley Christian (Dublin) are among the East Bay leaders in rushing. Aaron Prier (4th) has rushed for 887 yds through six games and averaged a whopping 12 yards per carry — second in the East Bay.

Ryan Toney (10th) has rushed for 777 yards through six games and has averaged 10.9 yards per carry. He is ranked 3rd overall per carry. The number two guy in yards per carry is the speedy George Atkinson of Granada. He’s one of the state’s top track athletes. 

To all you guys spending all your time in the weight room. I don’t see any stats on who has the highest bench press. Go ahead, keep getting big — you’ll get left!