Warning Signs of Overtraining

Over training is a common problem among young athletes. We always think “more is better” and “no pain no gain”. This commonly leads to over training. The signs can be very subtle and easily over looked or misdiagnosed. It is very important that athletes be aware of over training what leads to it and how to handle it.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

  1. Frequent colds, headaches, and the swelling of lymph nodes in neck and groin. And other illness that result due to a lowered immune system.
  2. Frequent injuries, soreness, stiffness in muscles, joints and tendons that may last unusually longer than normal.
  3. Other signs include cloudy, dark or concentrated urine and pale, pasty skin, blemishes, or rashes.
  4. General feeling of flatness or low energy for extended periods of time.

Suggested Treatment

  1. Rest for a couple of days, until your body tells you it’s time to start again.
  2. Reduce training.
  3. Increase recovery times.
  4. Pay attention to nutrition and hydration.
  5. Have scheduled active rest periods. I suggest every four to six weeks where you change to lighter activities i.e. swimming, biking, or games for a few days.

Tips to avoid over-training

  1. Set realistic goals.
  2. Vary your training.
  3. Take breaks.
  4. Gets lots of rest and relaxation. And don’t work a muscle until it’s fully recovered.
  5. Eat a complete diet.
  6. Don’t become obsessed with training.
  7. Don’t neglect warming-up and cooling-down