Track: Off Season program pays off for dedicated athletes many successes for 2011 season

Gamespeed had an off season program for track athletes that went from October of last year until mid February of this year. We had numerous high school athletes ranging in events from 100m to 800m. They  trained both as a group and on their own with independent programs. Of the 26 athletes who participated many qualified for NCS, won Conference titles and most except for two had personal bests. I am very proud of the results. Only six are seniors. 2012 is looking good!

Javion Robinson  Saint Marys    JV Champion 110 MH, 300LH

Colton Tyler  Monte Vista          EBAL JV Champion 300LH

David Griffith  San Ramon         personal bests  200m, 400m

Sara Griffith   San Ramon         400m EBAL Champ, NCS, Tri Valley Champ 400m

Alena Sinclair San Ramon         100m NCS 9th,                                 EBAL 200m 6th, 100m 4th

Jennifer Horton San Ramon       NCS 800m  11th,                             EBAL  800m 5th

Kelly Nordine San Ramon          NCS 800, 16th                                 EBAL 800m 7th

Eugene Chen Amador                Personal bests  Frosh

Jeff Chen  Amador                    NCS: 400m 14th, 1600 Relay             PB: 400m, 200m

Erica Serame Dougherty            NCS: 100m 22nd, PV 7th,

Alexis Earl Pittsburg                  NCS 800m 17th,

Hadley Swanson Campolindo     NCS: 400m 8th, HJ  3rd  LJ 2nd       DFAL 400m Champ,  200m 2nd,  HJ & LJ Champ

Jeff Chung Acalanes                 Personal Best 100m, 200m, 400m Frosh

Nathan Chung Acalanes            Personla Best 100m,

Makenzie Stange California        NCS PV 11th,

Karra Gardin Moreau                 NCS 400m 3rd                                 HAAL 400m Champ, 200m 3rd

Hannah Rajs Foothill                 personal bests 100m, 200m

Ed Azinger   Dublin                  NCS: 400m 12th,                               DFAl 400m 2nd

Noria Mitchell Dublin                NCS: 100m 4th, 200m  3rd                DFAL Champion 100m, 200m

Dan Fadelli Campolindo            NCS 100m 17th,                               DFAL 100m 4th

Anthony Egjubor                      NCS 100m 18th                                 DFAL Champion 100m,

Artis Jones Dublin                    NCS 100m 27th,   200m 15th              DFAL100m 2nd, 200m 3rd

Megan Yap Monte Vista                                                                    EBAL 800m 9th

Jill Anderson  Monte Vista                                                                 EBAL 800m 21st

Makela Hammitt  Monte Vista                                                            EBAL 800m 4th

Aaron Prior   Salesian              Personal bests 100,200m