Hockey: Ethan Stibich Stars in Carmen Starr Tourney

Dynamo Ethan Stibich plays for Wild 2000. In the Carmen Starr AAA hockey tournament last month his performance ranked  #2 in his division in overall stats. He had 2 assists and 7 goals in just 5 games. His performance  sandwiched him in between the #1 (8 g/3 a) and #3 (6 g/ 1 a) players who happen to play for  the top two teams in California, so he was in good company.

Ethan (11years old) has been involved in a customized “Dryland” program designed specifically for the demands of Hockey.  He does leg strength and power workouts for speed and acceleration on the ice, core rotation for passes and shots and impact training to handle collisions.

A special shout out to his little bro “Matty” who is another little dynamo!