Softball Pitchers Conditioning Program

Softball Pitchers Conditioning Program
krista williams

We are now generating an interest list for those wanting to participate in a group training program designed for softball pitchers. Our customized instruction will enhance your performance in the circle and take you to the next level.
Areas of training include:

Speed Development
Speed and Power Training
Shoulder strength
Strength & Conditioning
Movement & Balance

Local notables such as Krista Williams the Contra Costa Times Softball Athlete of the Year and Amador’s Johanna Gruer have been trained by our  methods.

Ages: 12 & Up
Cost: $30 per class
Meeting : Once per week, two if demand for it.
When: TBD Weekday Evenings or Sunday likely.
Class Size: 8 max.
Course blocks: 6 sessions per cycle.
Instruction Time: 60 min.


If you are interested please give us a call. We are looking for your available days and times.


We would like to start the program sometime in early September.

Contact Aaron at 925 513-8676.