Swimming: Celina Li Jr National Champion in the 400IM

Celina is a sophomore at Foothill high school. She competes at the national and international level. She is also a two time conference champion in the 400IM.

At GS she keeps a well managed and structured “dryland program” designed at enhancing her swimming. She continues to reap the rewards of that hard work.

Nice update from her mom she wrote:

She won and performed the best time the 400m IM at Jr. Nationals.  On the first day of the meet she competed in the 200m fly.  It was a brutally tight race and she tied for 3rd place.  But From First to 3rd place, all 4 swimmers were neck to neck all the way ending up very closed finish. 2:11.77 was a very good time.

Keep up the good work Celina.