Track: Coach Aaron defends national sprint title, runner up in Long Jump

Bloomington, Indiana

Last weekend I competed in the Masters Indoor National Championships. To keep it brief:

1st place 60m dash 7.10

Happy with my performance but still dealing with Anterior tendonosis (runner’s ankle). Getting it under control but painful to run. Had an excellent start and accelerated well. Bodes good for outdoor 100m races. Keeps my unbeaten streak alive for 60m five years and running.

2nd place Long Jump 6.05 m

Honestly jumped like a rookie. First jump was best then downhill. Jammed my leg on third attempt and leg was dead thereafter but wanted to take all my jumps. Saving grace was I hit the board 4 out of 6 times. A major improvement for me. Yeah! Hope to take jumps at full speed in my next competition.

All in all a success and only came back bruised but not beaten!