Soccer: Val Margerum comeback from knee surgery has solid frehman season at Oregon State

Val Margerum

In May of this year defender Val Margerum came to Gamespeed for our help. She was just off of knee surgery and needed to get ready for her freshman season at Oregon State.  Team captain of Campolindo High and Lamorinda United 94 she was an accomplished athlete. Now moving up to PAC 12 competition meant another level. She embarked on a specially devised 7 week program by Aaron Thigpen to regain the strength and integrity in her knee but also take her speed, movement and durability to the level of a college player.  The result for her freshman season,  she’s played in 13 matches, taking three shots, one of which was on goal … Logged 315 minutes of play on the pitch. The Beavers finished  11-6-3.  Not a bad start Val.