Nutrition Tips: Fueling the Athlete

Nutrition Tips: Fueling the Athlete
By Aaron Thigpen
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Performing at optimum speed, power and agility means fueling the body with the right nutrients to be sharp, explosive and ready.  A workout can only be as good ads the fuel you have in your body to perform it.
Running faster, lifting more and jumping higher starts with not only a solid workout plan but a solid diet plan.
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1) During Workouts
8-16 oz of a sport drink 20-30 minutes prior to exercise. Another 8-16 oz per 30 minutes of exercise to maintain energy. If too sweet try diluting it in a little water. Always have water available to drink in addition. For post exercise recovery, within 20 minutes of the end of exercise consume 12-16 oz of low fat milk,   (chocolate/strawberry is ok) or a basic pure whey isolate protein supplement.


2) Before & After
Avoid eating solid food within 60 minutes before exercise to 30 minutes after exercise. Solid foods are hard for the body to digest during workouts.  Avoid candy bars, chips, and other snacks right after workouts. Consume the chocolate milk/protein, wait 30 minutes, and then have solid food. If hungry before workouts try foods that are small, simple, and quickly digested. Small granola bars, nuts or sports bars are good options. They can also nibble on these during exercise activity.



3) Provide well-balanced meals.

Prepare well rounded healthy meals with good proteins, fiber and carbohydrates.  Typically, breakfast, lunch, and dinner should contain servings of protein and complex carbs. For athletes it is also suggested that 2-3 healthy snacks (fruit, vegetables, nuts, berries, yogurt) be eaten in between the main meals. This keeps energy levels constant and provides the calories needed to fuel the body and provide growth and recovery.

Also a full glass or water (8oz) should accompany every meal or snack.