Robin Hu – Spring Training Update

Robin Hu 2014  2


Congratulations to Robin Hu.  He’s one of our Taiwanese athlete collaborations with coach Tony Liao.  Robin trained with us briefly a few sessions last year after problems with his fitness and velocity. He liked it so much he came back for a full off season this year. He underwent a strictly regimented program to improve his overall fitness and athleticism as it pertained to his pitching. He spent four days a week at Gamespeed with coach Aaron and four days a week with coach Tony who worked on his mechanics and recovery regiment.  Coach Tony recently contacted me about Robin’s spring training performance:

Hi Aaron,

“Robin’s progress is as expected. He passed both tests, shuttles and mile run. He threw great fastball, with good velocity, topped 93 m/h, with average 89-90, way better than the same time last year…. “