“Quick Study” results in trip to State meet for Hurdler!



Well this is a nice story. DeJah Robinson came to Gamespeed just two weeks before the NCS Meet of Champions this past weekend. When an athlete shows up this late in the game there’s nothing you can do speed or conditioning wise to make them better. The best you can do is tinker or fine tune their technique and hope it sticks under the pressure of competition. Well Dejah proved to be a “quick” study. We focused only on two things: her block start and arm technique. After just two sessions the tenth grader from St Mary’s dropped her personal best 300m hurdle time from 47.68 to 45.60! almost two seconds! Good enough to place third and a trip to the California State meet.

A testament to her willingness to change and her ability to learn so quickly and execute under extreme pressure. I am looking forward to working more with this athlete.

Incidentally she followed the NCS champion Gamespeed trained alum Michelle Thompson (2012, 2013, 2014 summer) of Dougherty Valley. Great job Michelle.