November Physicality Training Program for Ages 11-13

“The group drills my boys have participated in have been particularly helpful with developing a greater sense of urgency during competition. The drills have also been invaluable with their physical development – all while having FUN with their friends in the group!!!”

Parent- Lawrence Jewik

Time to get physical.

I’ll be frank, one of the most common issues I am increasingly observing in the areas athletes is a lack of “physicality”.

Over the past twenty one years Ive been in this business I can say our kids are skilled but there’s something missing physically. Rest assured if their behind at age 12 or 13 they are likely to be behind at 17 and 18 years of age.

Here’s how I define “Physicality“:

“An athlete who exudes a physical presence in their posture, movements, attitude or approach to athletic activity and competition.”

The top 5 Reasons for this growing problem:

  1. Athletes are “too” technically tuned (Robotic) to where their movements are locked into narrow movement patterns only designed for their sport or position.
  2. Underdeveloped physical size in primary muscle groups (shoulders,glutes, calves, biceps). Due to an absence of  proper physical training or a lack of overall physical activity.
  3. Lack of gross motor development from not enough time running, jumping, throwing, dodging, climbing and other general physical activities outside of sports.
  4. Improper eating habits where quality calories are not consumed in the proper quantities to ensure solid physical development.
  5. Lack of grit or mental toughness, willingness to extend outside their normal comfort zones.

What does this look like in your athlete?

  1.  Movement patterns where there is a noticeable lack of strength, power or force.
  2.  Poor range of motion or abbreviated movement patterns: choppy, clunky or an inability to maintain an athletic position.
  3. Improper posture or core strength.
  4. Instability in movement patterns leaning, wobbling, ( excessive knee, ankle movement when running jumping).
  5. Lack of flow or ease of execution when performing athletic tasks.

Gamespeed has a program to take this problem head on. “It’s not run to your local gym and start hitting the weights!”  Were talking about a multifaceted approach to developing a mindset in these young developing athletes. It’s a way of conducting your athletic life where both attitudinal and physical changes are intertwined in the proper training environment.

The Physicality Program

Program Highlights:

  • Multi- faceted training curriculum (speed, power, flexibility, coordination, agility).
  • Head to Toe functional physical development.
  • Confidence & Mental toughness.
  • Challenging & Competitive group based training structure.

November Training

Weekly: Meets two days per week.

Call for Schedule

Cost:  8 sessions $240 (Cash)  $252 (CC)

1 session $35 (cash)   $37 (CC)

925 513-8676