Gamespeed’s Nicole Diaz named one of top female senior wrestlers in the state


Liberty High’s Nicole Diaz was named one of the states top Senior female wrestlers going into the 2015-16 season. She is one of the top 15 and one of only three North Coast section athletes to be named.  In her last two years she finished both 4th and 5th at the State finals.  At Gamespeed she is working on her explosiveness and athleticism.



Top Seniors (Girls) In The State Of California

11/04/2015, 7:45pm EST

Photo Courtesy of Mario Diaz

Name School Accomplishments in the state  Section
Gabby Garcia Valencia High 1st, 1st, 1st CIF-SS
Lakiyah Wagoner Birmingham High 1st, 1st CIF-LA
Sariyah Jones Enochs High 1st, SQ, 4th CIF-SJ
Lauren Mason Woodcreek High 2nd, 1st, 4th CIF-SJ
Aleeah Gould Canyon High 2nd, 5th, CIF-SS
Ophelia Lara Gahr High 2nd, 4th CIF-SS
Vickie Espinoza Rancho Cotate High 2nd, 6th CIF-NC
Miyuki Pugrad Kennedy High 2nd CIF-SS
McKenzie Bacich Bear Creek High 6th, 2nd, 4th CIF-SJ
Solin Piearcy Cupertino High 3rd, 6th CIF-CC
Marianne Schauer Modesto High 2nd, 7th CIF-SJ
Victoria Smith Brawley High 3rd, 4th, SQ CIF-SD
Eva Piroth Albany High 3rd, 6th CIF-NC
Nicole Diaz Liberty High 5th, 4th CIF-NC
Esperanza Cadena Leemore High 5th, 6th CIF-CS
Honorable Mention
Name School Accomplishments in the state  Section
Precious Bell Eastside High 3rd CIF-SS
Julie Calzada Mater Dei 6th CIF-SS
Vanessa Contreras Yucca Valley High 5th CIF-SS
Kendal Davis Los Gatos High 8th CIF-CC
Berenice Espino Milikan High 7th CIF-SS
Miranda Lamela Pacheco High 7th CIF-SJ
Jennifer Lopez West Covina High 7th CIF-SS
Sarah Moore Van Nuys High 5th CIF-LA
Diana Perez Hillcrest High 4th CIF-SS
Lesly Ramirez Arroyo High 6th CIF-SS
Maria Valencia Steele Canyon High 5th CIF-SD
Molly Wallace Orestimba High 6th CIF-SJ
Lauren Zee Sacred Heart Academy 6th CIF-SS