Survey: Pitchers & Throwers Development Program Ages 10-13

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We are looking to offer a Throwing Development program for athletes ages 10-13. Below is a brief out line and survey. To provide the best program possible your feedback is appreciated.
Young Guns
Pitchers & Throwers Development Program Ages 10-13

What’s the most important component in developing a young pitcher or throwing athlete?


Pitch counts and staying away from high risk pitches are just a start. Young arms need a completely managed plan that encompasses age appropriate physical training, education for both the athlete and parent and monitoring of all throwing activities.

The Young Guns Program is about the comprehensive management of young athletes who participate in year round baseball and softball throwing and pitching activities.

The goals of the Program are to:

v. Develop the physical foundation to progress successfully through all levels of softball and baseball.
v. Empower the athlete and parent with the knowledge to make sound, sensible and appropriate decisions in regards to their athlete’s abilities, performance and expectations.
v. To put the athlete on the proper trajectory to be competitive at the various levels of their sport.

Expected Outcomes:

v. Improved range of motion and flexibility.
v. Improved endurance and stamina.
v. Improved velocity and control.
v. Confidence and composure.

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