Are You Really… Ready For The Season?

Poor movement and function can lead to decreased performance but at its worse can cause serious injury.  A high percentage of injuries actually are not collision related they usually fall into muscle and tendon strains and sprains. The two major reasons for this are faulty movement patterns and poorly planned conditioning.
Now imagine having the knowledge of where your physically at risk. Imagine being able to tailor your training to correct those issues and reduce that risk.
Well now you can. Using the latest computer imaging technology Gamespeed is able to provide a “Functional Movement Screening Program” to help athletes identify trouble spots, prescribe preventative and corrective training and improve performance.
Before now this technology was only accessible to elite and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball.  Now you can take advantage of the scientific breakthrough.
In 20 minutes we can identify from Stability & Mobility Testing
  1. Muscle imbalances.
  2. Incorrect movement patterns.
  3. Poor Posture and Stance.
Get ahead of:
ACL & MCL Knee Injuries
Ankle Sprains
Hip & Groin Strains
Hamstring & Quadriceps Strains
Lower Back Injuries
Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

“I always tell my athletes you can be one rep from greatness, but you can also be one rep from disaster.”


Basic Package: Call for price
Screening – Identify muscle imbalances, limitations in range of motion and improper movement tracking.
*Advanced Package :  Call for price
Includes Basic package plus:
  •  A  fully personalized Gamespeed corrective exercises workout plan. After a brief phone or email consultation to further assess your needs and training environment, the plan will outline training frequency (days per week), sets, reps and directions on how to correctly perform the exercises.

*Premium – Includes all of the above plus:  Call for price

  • A One on One training session and consultation (45min). Complete coverage of all the prescribed exercises and run through with trainer Aaron Thigpen.
 Cash/check accepted, credit card service fees will apply.
Total Time 30 minutes: Orientation, Warmup, Test, Paperwork
Date: Available Starting April 24th
Time: By Appointment Only

To Signup Call 925 222-9612

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