Top Gun Pitchers & Throwers Conditioning Program – Results Are In!

Velocity Improvement


Arm Health

Reduce Injuries!

Upperbody Explosiveness


Lower Body Explosiveness

Strong Legs!

Due to the popularity and success of last years program the 2016-17 class saw an increase in attendees.  This exceptional group of pitchers and catchers bonded as they worked side by side for both  common and individual goals.  The results have been amazing.

The purpose of this program is to develop the “total throwing athlete” regardless of position.

While other programs just chase velocity, we measure the underlying “physical factors” that contribute to improved velocity, but more importantly overall health.  By looking at the improvement in all these areas both individually and as a collective it gives us a clear picture of the overall development of the throwing athlete. Therefore we can track specific improvement or regression and prescribe the right training modalities moving forward.

These athletes accomplished all this in thirty two (32) training sessions!!!


Early reports from our athletes show an average improvement in velocity of 3-5mph. All report throwing harder. Update: As of July 25th  average velocity improvement for most of the group was 3-5 mph and a top of 8 mph. One athlete has also hit 94-95 mph.

Arm Health

Proper arm health reduces the risk of shoulder and lower arm injuries. Discrepancies of strength from the front and back side of the shoulder can result in a higher risk of throwing injuries in the shoulder and elbow.

Strength Correlation Results:

Biggest Improvement – 7 base points

Average Improvement – 3.89 base points

Upperbody Explosiveness

The upperbody torso/arm complex is the vehicle to transfer force for velocity. Improving this chain is paramount to realizing the strength gains made in the lower body. We are able to measure the amount of torque that is generated. Simply more torque = more force= more VELOCITY!

Torque Measurement Score

Biggest Improvement – 697 pts

Average Improvement – 146.6 pts

Three athletes hit major league level type scores, another Four athletes hit Div I collegiate level scores.

Lower Body Explosiveness

Power starts from the ground up! You pitch with the arm but you throw with your legs. Powerful legs improve, velocity, endurance and control. Healthy legs make for a healthy arm.

Horizontal  Static Force Production

Biggest  Improvement – 13.5 feet

Average Improvement – 2.13 feet

Horizontal  Responsive Force Production

Biggest improvement – 15.79 inches

Average improvement – 4.29 inches

Vertical  Force Production (Static)

Biggest Improvement – 4.9 feet

Average Improvement – 1.62 feet

What Our Athletes Have To Say

“This class, Top gun was one of the best experiences of my baseball career”…”It made my love for baseball go through the roof”…”I 100% want to do some of these classes again!”

Ian V- Pitcher (15yr), Top Gun - Throwers & Pitchers Conditioning

Top Gun was an great experience. I learned many new exercises to keep my arm and body in shape all year long. One thing I’d like to change is to have class “THREE” instead of two days a week! I cant wait to do it again next year!

Christian M-Pitcher (16yr), Top Gun

I improved on throwing the ball further and with more accuracy. I’m starting to fire it from the outfield, hitting my target with velocity.

Mark B - Catcher/Pitcher, Top Gun

“This program helped me develop strength I didn’t even know I had in me…”I love this program from the workouts to the people around me.”

Reece D - Pitcher (15yr), Top Gun

“I got a lot from the program…my legs have gotten a lot stronger and I also feel my running has gotten faster..It was a very cool and fun experience.. Hopefully I can do this again next year…”

Josh S - Catcher (15yr), Top Gun

“I would highly recommend the Top Gun class…The class is not easy but it is well worth the results…Your velocity WILL increase!!”

Chase D- Pitcher (15yr), Top Gun

“The class has a great structure…There is always somebody willing to help…Also if an injury may arise they can help rehabilitate it so it doesn’t get worse and improve it…”

Austin C - Pitcher (16yr), Top Gun