High School Ready Program


So you want to play high school sports? Are you ready for tryouts when school starts? Most parents and athletes are caught off guard by the number of kids and level of talent who show up to that first day of tryouts and soon realize there’s more competition than anticipated. Every year viable freshmen athletes are “cut” because their not prepared. In the highly competitive Bay Area not knowing is not an excuse.

The time between the ages of 11 and 15 can be the most challenging for an aspiring athlete. Growth spurts, hormonal changes and doing real training workouts for the first time can make it very difficult to be an athlete both physically and mentally. Most athletes wait to be given their spot, Gamespeed athletes  work actively to take their spot.

Typical issues freshman face:

  • Lack of speed.
  • Lack of size.
  • Poor coordination & balance.
  • Poor conditioning.
  • Poor mental toughness, discipline.
  • Lack of training experience or knowledge.
  • Lack of sport or position knowledge (if new sport).
  • Lack of strength, flexibility.
  • Inability to organize their training, equipment, time management.
  • Poor nutrition and eating habits.
  • etc, etc, etc……….

The purpose of this program is not just to work out but to teach proper training techniques and athletic lifestyle concepts so the athlete can apply this knowledge to their high school experience.

The High School Ready Program will:

  • Introduce proper weight lifting techniques and concepts.
  • Develop Speed & Running technique.
  • Develop Coordination & Agility.
  • Improve overall conditioning and athleticism.
  • Teach flexibility and range of motion.
  • Teach the concepts of Over training and Exertion (Pain that builds vs pain that injures).
  • Develop Mental toughness and confidence.
  • Improve nutrition and eating habits.

This program is customizable to fit the needs of the athlete so contact Gamespeed to discuss the best program we can build for your athlete. Are You ready To Make the cut!!

925 513-8676 or aaron@gamespeed.net