College Bound: Athletic Infielders Academy Program

Baseball & Softball Athletes
The only program of its kind in the Bay Area.
This dynamic program offers a two-pronged approach to developing the  college bound athlete. Participants will sharpen their fielding skills and techniques with a program designed by former SF Giants player Erik Johnson of EJ Sports and strengthen their athletic skill development with exercises specially selected by Gamespeed’s Aaron Thigpen.
The sole purpose if this program is to develop “College Level infielders”. We take a developmental approach to building both the physical and technical requirements to becoming a collegiate level athlete. This is much more than just fielding ground balls and weight lifting.  Its not enough to “make the play” college recuriters are looking at how you make plays.
The academy will teach:
– Approach to the ball
– Catch and release technique
– Positioning and Anticipation
Plus many more items scouts and recruiters have an eye for  in determining your abilities for the next level.
On the athletic side the academy will provide the training to develop the physicality to compete at the next level such as:
– First step explosiveness
– Footwork & Range
– Balance & Coordination
– Throwing velocity
This is a FOUR MONTH program. Athletes must commit to the full time period. There are no refunds , or pro-rations.  No exceptions.
Cost: $375  cash/check ($395 credit)
Dates:  October 2nd – January 31st.
No Class weeks of Thanksgiving & Christmas
Time: Mondays  & Wednesdays 7:00-8:15pm
Ages: 12 & up (athletes will be grouped by ability).
To Reserve your Spot You Must:
Schedule Infielders Functional Athletic Screen & Evaluation
 $115 cash/check  $125 credit
Existing or Prior students with an Eval in the last six months:
$55 cash/check $65 credit
Submit Non Refundable First Months Deposit for $100 cash/check  $110 credit
For more information or to sign up, call Gamespeed at (925) 513-8676.
Also Visit The AIA Website: