Speed Training – Visual Recognition for Optimal Performance

Concord Ca, Aaron Thigpen Gamespeed Sports Performance

Dynamic sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer require not just fleet feet but a fleet mind. Your ability to see and recognize competitive situations will determine your performance. Notice athletes who always seem to be in the right spot at the right time. Is this some innate ability  or is it the culmination of hours of intent practice? I think the answer is both. Visual Recognition is a skill that can be improved and honed with the proper training.


Steps to Visual Skill Building

  • Get a proper eye exam to identify your visual health.
  • Start with basic visual exercises to improve these abilities:
  • Focus Flexibility – The ability to change focus from a faraway object to a near one, or vice versa.
  • Peripheral Awareness – The ability to perceive what’s going on at either side of you without turning your head.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity – The ability to see objects clearly when they are moving quickly.
  • Depth Perception – The  ability to make spatial judgments, how far away an object or person is from you.
  • Color Vision – The ability to detect different colors and shades.
  • Hand and Eye Dominance – Understanding which is your dominant eye may help an athlete adopt better strategies for improving athletic performance.


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