Reflexx – Reaction Light Training

Hand Eye and Hand Foot coordination are crucial to athletes playing sports with balls. Soccer, football, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and hockey all require a high degree of visiual processing followed by the approriate physical response. There are only a couple ways to train for those moments:

– Team practices
– Scrimmages

Reflexx training allows us to condense the visual, mental processes and physical repsonses into reps at its most base level. It allows us to train over and over again adjusting the stimuli and response time and action. That enables us to train the exact proper athletic response and improve the time in which it occurs.

Block shots- Goalies

Hit Balls – Tennis, Baseball, Racquetball

Field Balls – Baseball, Softball

Catch Balls – Lacrosse, Football

Evade Defenders – Basetball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby


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