Play a field sport? Try “Speed Endurance” Training to Keep Up.

Field sports like Soccer, Lacrosse and Rugby require bursts of varying speeds over  varying distances all over the course of 60- 90 minutes. The unpredictable ebb and flow of these sports require specific speed demands.  While aerobic endurance (continuous running) is important it is “Speed Endurance” that determines your ability to sustain a high level of competitive performance. Want to stay in the game? Develop your “Speed Endurance”.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Integrate “speed sets” into skills sessions. For every 10 min. skill training 3 min. Intensified speed.
  2. Vary the reps, length of runs, intensity (%of effort).
  3. Vary the movements; lateral, start stop, jumping.
  4. Vary your starting positions: Staggered, Balanced, Running, Skipping, Jump.

These bouts of intensified  speed will allow athletes to adapt to higher intensities of training, become more effiecient with running mechanics,  play at higher paces and improve their ability to recover under fatigue.

Sample Speed Endurance “Speed Intensified Circuits” for a 60min practice.

Staggered Starts 3 x Left  & 3 x Right @ 20 yards

Speed Skater Cuts  3 x 4 Cuts and Go @10 yards

Skipping Start 3 x 5 yards and Go @ 20 yards

Tuck Jumps  and Go  5 x Tuck and Go 10 yards

Want to learn more? Contact coach Aaron Thigpen at Gamespeed 925 513-8676.

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