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Total Player- 5 Tool School

Total Player Training
Where Practice Meets Performance 
Want to be a complete player? Well train like one.
Now there’s a complete program dedicated to your development.
This 90 minute comprehensive baseball training program will include:
  • Hitting Stations – Power, Batspeed
  • Fielding Station- Footwork, Glove work,
  • Running Station – Home to First, Base Stealing
  • Throwing Station –  Velocity, Health, Accuracy
  • Baseball Conditioning – Explosiveness, Agility, Core
The programs specialty stations will intergrate both the tactical and conditioning aspect of baseball and softball play.
The partnership of Aaron and EJ has been responsible for the development of no less than 30 Division I infielders and 10 drafted prospects.  This proven partnership has the experience, pedigree, and track record for success. Become a part of our process.
Total Player Classes = 24 sessions
Mondays & Wednesdays
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Feb 12,14,19,21,26,28
March 5,7,12,14,19,21,26,28,
April 2,4,9,11,16,18,23,25,30
May 2
Cost: $369 per month. ($390 credit)
Once a week monthly Cost: $225 ($245 credit)
Ages 12 & Up
Limited Number of Spots

No Makeup’s
No Refunds
Call/Text […]

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Speed Tip: Proper “Armswing” is key to faster running.

Speed Tip: Proper “Armswing” is key to faster running.

  1. Swing the arms forward and backward, not across the body.
  2. Swing the arms from the shoulders.
  3. Keep the elbows bent at about 90 degrees and focus on driving them backward.
  4. The hands should pass the body at pocket height.
  5. Swing the arms powerfully through a full range of motion. Chin height to pass the butt.
  6. Keep the shoulders and hands relaxed. The shoulders should be down and the hands should be relaxed but firm. Do not clench your fist or flop the hands.


Concord- Gamespeed sports provides running training to youth athletes in a variety of sports. Ready to Raise Your Game? Check out our Speed Skills Classes

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2018 Open House

Welcome to our 2018 Spring Open House. Come take a peek inside one of the Bay Areas most respected training facilities. Since 1995 Gamespeed has been at the origin and center of the sports performance industry in Northern California. Take a tour of our facilities, meet some of the Bay Areas most regarded professional instructors and particpate in actvities and demonstrations.


Morning Session

10am – Doors Open
10:15 am – All Sports Warm Up – (Gamespeed)
10:30      –  Infielding Demonstration – (EJ Sports)
10:45      –  Running Speed Basics – (Gamespeed)
11:00    – Basics of Flat Ground & Long Toss – (Devalin Harper)
11:15     – Location Dynamics Grip & Spin  – (Tony Laio)
11:30    – Meet The Coaches & Explore
Other demonstrations to include: Reflexx Reaction Light Training, Functional Assessment Screening, Olympic Dr Michael Ripley




His athletes are now calling him the “Source”. The Bay Areas longest standing performance trainer with […]

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Youth Football Academy



The GYFA format is to first “teach” then “compete”. Football should be fun and competive but above all else SAFE. “Knowledge is Power” and in sports knowledge gives the “Power to Perform”. Most athletes are thrust into situations where they have to learn and compete quickly. An atmosphere where information may be rushed, not fully explained or only given to “chosen” athletes is not optimum for a young developing athlete. In GYFA our classes are just that, classes first. 

Movement A + Movement B = Performance C

The earlier in the training process an athlete knows the “how and why”and the result, the more engaged and absorbed they will be in the training activites. They have to “get it” first before they get it. 


Proper functional and healthy movement patterns for performance and safety.


Basics of football body movements, techniques & tactics for: Blocking, Tackling, Receiving, Passing. 


Football specific athletic qualities: Strength, Quickness, Speed, Agility […]

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Gamespeed HP Classes


If you enjoyed our “Speed Skills” class nows your chance to “Level Up!

In a challenging and competitive group setting our “HP” classes are designed for the high school athlete. Not your “you tube” exercises. Our “learn it” and “use it” approach only includes activites that provide impact on the field and court.


Designed to improve flexibility and range of motion.


Core exercises for balance, coordination and the transfer of force.


Corrective exercies for proper alignment of the body for optimum performance


First Step quickness and Accleration are the two most dominant components for field and court athletes.


Resistance Training to develop maximal and “usable” playing strength qualities.


Start & Stop, Change of Direction the qualities of play makers.



TUESDAYS: 6:30 – 7:30PM

THURSDAYS: 6:30 – […]

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2018 Elite Infielder Program

The Making Of A Division I Infielder
High school Athletes

The only program of its kind in the Bay Area.

Now there’s a complete program dedicated to your development to becoming a legitimate Division I infielder. Complete in the sense that your physical and technical development now go hand in hand. This program will focus on the DI model in all the aspects of physical athleticism, conditioning, tactics and technical knowledge needed to play at the next level. Participants will develop their fielding skills and techniques with former SF Giants player Erik Johnson of EJ Sports in the following areas:
  • Understanding positioning regarding to pitcher hitting relationship.
  • First step awareness and decision to charge the ball.
  • Playing through the ball- at you, to your left and to your right.
  • Starting and completing double plays.
  • Off balance throwing. When and How?
  • Using your feet to get good hops.
  • Catching the ball on the downward and upward trajectory during the hop.
  • Relaying the ball and how to do it in regards to the […]
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 Improve Batspeed & Power – Weighted Batswings  

 Improve Batspeed & Power – Weighted Batswings

Weighted batswings are a common method to improve a hitters batspeed and power. However in most cases the implements inviolved (donuts, weighted bats ) are used incorrectly and can do more harm than good. 
When doing this form of training keep these 3 things in mind: 
1. Choose a bat that is the same length that you always swing. 
2. Only increase the weight by a couple of ounces. Putting too much weight is trhe most common mistake. You are swinging not weight lifting. 
3. Above all keep your proper swing mechanics. Working off a tee will help you keep them dialed in. 
Aaron Thigpen is owner of Gamespeed Sports in Concord, Ca. We offer POWERBALL Hitting Classes (Check on Our Latest Class) which blend performance training with hitting technique. Give us a call at 925 513 -8676. #gamespeedsports#powerhitting#powerball#ejsports#performancetraining#weightedbats
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Play a field sport? Try “Speed Endurance” Training to Keep Up.

Field sports like Soccer, Lacrosse and Rugby require bursts of varying speeds over  varying distances all over the course of 60- 90 minutes. The unpredictable ebb and flow of these sports require specific speed demands.  While aerobic endurance (continuous running) is important it is “Speed Endurance” that determines your ability to sustain a high level of competitive performance. Want to stay in the game? Develop your “Speed Endurance”.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Integrate “speed sets” into skills sessions. For every 10 min. skill training 3 min. Intensified speed.
  2. Vary the reps, length of runs, intensity (%of effort).
  3. Vary the movements; lateral, start stop, jumping.
  4. Vary your starting positions: Staggered, Balanced, Running, Skipping, Jump.

These bouts of intensified  speed will allow athletes to adapt to higher intensities of training, become more effiecient with running mechanics,  play at higher paces and improve their ability to recover under fatigue.

Sample Speed Endurance “Speed Intensified Circuits” for a 60min practice.

Staggered Starts 3 x Left  & 3 x Right @ 20 yards

Speed Skater Cuts  3 x 4 Cuts and Go @10 yards

Skipping Start 3 x 5 yards and Go @ 20 yards

Tuck Jumps  and Go  5 x Tuck and Go 10 yards

Want to learn more? Contact coach […]

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Golden Glove Silver Slugger Winter Camp


EJ Sports & Gamespeed 

Baseball & Softball



Athletes can now experience a condensed sample of two of our most popular programs. 

Hitting, Fielding, Speed & Agility. 

No Camp is more complete in helping you become the

Total Impact Player you want to be. 

January: […]

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December –  Baseball/Softball Hit & Run Class

           Hit  &  Run
Hitting Development & Speed Development.
A great combination of training.
Develop a consistent swing path and enhance your ability to run faster on the base paths.
A great way to get ahead of the competition by developing hitting and improving your game speed in competition.
Ages 9 -15
Grouped By Ability


5-6 PM
6th, 13th,20th, 27th
Cost: $225 (All Sessions) cash/check  $235 credit
          $65 Single session    $70 credit
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