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Athletic Infielder Alum & Coach Anthony Villa voted Minor League MVP

Danville, Ca – Anthony Villa (St Mary’s) had a scorching season. The third baseman had batting average of .314 with 16 homeruns and 57 RBI’s. Playing for the Great Falls Voyagers in the Pioneer League (Rookie Advanced) the twenty three year old garnered multiple  honors.

Mid Season All Star

Player of the Week Aug 7th

Post Season All Star

Pioneer League MVP

In his off season Anthony trains at Gamespeed and works with EJ Sports.  Well done AV!! Were proud of you.


Want to Join the 2017-18 Athletic Infielder Academy? Check it out HERE.

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Speed Training – Visual Recognition for Optimal Performance

Concord Ca,

Dynamic sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer require not just fleet feet but a fleet mind. Your ability to see and recognize competitive situations will determine your performance. Notice athletes who always seem to be in the right spot at the right time. Is this some innate ability  or is it the culmination of hours of intent practice? I think the answer is both. Visual Recognition is a skill that can be improved and honed with the proper training.


Steps to Visual Skill Building

  • Get a proper eye exam to identify your visual health.
  • Start with basic visual exercises to improve these abilities:
  • Focus Flexibility – The ability to change focus from a faraway object to a near one, or vice versa.
  • Peripheral Awareness – The ability to perceive what’s going on at either side of you without turning your head.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity – The ability to see objects clearly when they are moving quickly.
  • Depth Perception – The  ability to make spatial judgments, how far away an object or person is from you.
  • Color Vision – The ability to detect different colors and shades.
  • Hand and Eye Dominance – Understanding which is your dominant eye may help an athlete adopt better strategies for […]
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Swimmer Liu moves onto Princeton swim.

Piedmont- Congratulations to  Skyler Liu (Piedmont High )going on to compete for the Princeton Swim team. Skylar Ranked 32nd in California with a 14.87 power index. . At this years CIF NCS Champs she was a 2 time  Finalist placing 4th in 200 Y IM  with 2:04.35  and 5th in the 100 Yard Fly with 55.44.

Skyler has undergone Gamespeed “Dryland” training program which focuses on developing core strength, shoulder strength and mobility and explosiveness.

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A Patient Pitcher Caught Speeding 87mph After One Year Lay Off

Martinez Ca. -Repetitive stress injuries are the most common and frequent amongst todays throwing athletes. They become particularly scary when it is in the elbow. Immediately visions of  “Tommy Johns” surgery come to mind. Most who are ignorant of the potential career ending condition try to bear through it. A most unwise strategy. The smart seek proper medical diagnosis and help. It a lot of cases it is severe tendonitis. A treatable condition that takes the proper management and time. Time being the BIG factor.

Enter Brodie Eglite now entering his junior year at Alhambra High. He had to sit out the entire  freshman season due to severe elbow tendonitis. However he didnt just sit out. After his release from rehab he followed his older brother (Jordan SFSU 92mph) to Gamespeed for post rehab “Return to Play” conditioning.

Brodie came in three days a week  and did all the tedious work that is required to fully recover from that sort of injury. He built his body from the ground up. He  worked on his own and did the 2016-17 Top Gun program in the off season. A quiet kid who never complained, just stayed focused put his head down and did the […]

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Girls Track: Off Season Speed & Conditioning Ages 12 & Up

Develop Strength
Improve Speed
Learn  Block Technique
Improve Endurance
Reduce the Risk of Injury
Foot, Knee, Hips

This program is specifically designed for the female track athlete and to address the developmental needs required to compete at the highest levels.

12:30 – 1:30 (afternoon)
***Sep 10th, 17th, 24th***

Cost: $120 cash/check  $130 credit

Track & Field Functional Screen Required: $50/$55 (existing clients)
                                                           :$105/$115 (new clients)
For More Information  & To Sign Up Call: 925 222-9612
Make – Up Sessions Available
This will be the first series of what I hope to be a full off season program that will continue through January. Class size will be limited. As we progress forward some sessions will be on the track (location to be determined) .
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College Bound: Athletic Infielders Academy Program

Baseball & Softball Athletes
The only program of its kind in the Bay Area.
This dynamic program offers a two-pronged approach to developing the  college bound athlete. Participants will sharpen their fielding skills and techniques with a program designed by former SF Giants player Erik Johnson of EJ Sports and strengthen their athletic skill development with exercises specially selected by Gamespeed’s Aaron Thigpen.
The sole purpose if this program is to develop “College Level infielders”. We take a developmental approach to building both the physical and technical requirements to becoming a collegiate level athlete. This is much more than just fielding ground balls and weight lifting.  Its not enough to “make the play” college recuriters are looking at how you make plays.
The academy will teach:
– Approach to the ball
– Catch and release technique
– Positioning and Anticipation
Plus many more items scouts and recruiters have an eye for  in determining your abilities for the next level.
On the athletic side the academy will provide the training to develop the physicality to compete at the next level such as:
– First step explosiveness
– Footwork & Range
– Balance & Coordination
– Throwing velocity
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Dominic Pipkin Top Gun Student Hits 96MPH at Area Code Games

Top Gun student Dominic Pipkin’s talents  were on full display at Day 3 of the prestigiuos Area Code Games in Long Beach Ca.  Up from a last years top velocity of 92 mph Dominic sat at 92-94mph velo before hitting 95mph on two consecutive pitches and then ratcheting it up to a tourney high 96mph. Dominic particpated in Aaron Thigpen of Gamespeed’s TOP GUN Off Season Pitchers and Throwers Conditioning Program which included 4 months of off season managed training and followed up with an highschool in season program and finally transitioned into a summer program. Under the tutelage of Pitching coach Devalin Harper he continues to blossom and establish himself as one of the country’s top prospects.

Read about his area code outing HERE: http://bba.am/Mo0g7d

Read About the TOP GUN program HERE

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2017-18 Pitchers & Throwers Development Program Grades 6-8th

Young Guns

 Pitchers & Throwers Development Program Ages 11-13

Pitch counts and staying away from high risk pitches are just a start. Young arms need a completely managed plan that encompasses age appropriate physical training, education for both the athlete and parent and monitoring of all throwing activities.  

The Young Guns Program is about the comprehensive DEVELOPMENT of young athletes who participate in year round baseball and softball throwing and pitching activities.

The goals of the Program are to:
Develop the physical foundation to progress successfully through all levels of softball and baseball.
Empower the athlete and parent with the knowledge to make sound, sensible and appropriate decisions in regards to their athlete’s abilities, performance and expectations for off season training.
To put the athlete on the proper trajectory to be competitive at the various levels of their sport.
Expected Outcomes:
Arm recovery & regeneration in preparedness for the next season
Improved range of motion and flexibility.
Improved endurance and stamina.
Improved velocity and control.
Confidence and […]

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2017-18 Top Gun – Throwers Off Season Development Program

Please bear with me, just a quick story:
“Two years ago a young man showed up at Gamespeed. He had been cut from his high school team his senior year. Now he was entering his first year of Junior college but still had the desire to play. I asked him how good he was and he said he didn’t “throw very hard but I know I can play”.  I said let’s get you evaluated. I sent him to a very knowledgable and respected pitching coach in the area. After throwing for the coach , he was told pretty much “he didn’t have it”, his velocity was 72-74mph and he was 18 years old, just too far behind. He was undersized and his body unathletic and weak. I asked him what did he want to do, he said I know I can play, so I said let’s get to work. For the next two years this young man put his head down and got to it, he worked out 3-4 days a week a Gamespeed and did the homework I gave him. He rarely missed a workout and […]

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Home Training: 5 Personal Qualities That Lead to Athletic Success

Parents frequently ask me, “what can I do to get my athlete better?” In their minds the focus is always on athletic abilities ie, run faster, get stronger, jump higher. While these can improve performance there is a more profound and far reaching approach that will not only translate into better athletic performance but also better functioning young adults. It requires no equipment, guru trainer or state of the art gym.  All it takes is the simple decision to do so.

Five Personal Qualities That Lead to Athletic Success:

  1. Organizational skills – Teach your athlete how to organize their lives, if an athlete can’t juggle chores, school work and other activites they won’t have the discipline to structure their athletic life of practices, workouts and competitons effectively.
  2. Preparation skills– Prepearation requires forethought  and the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive. Preparation calls for the mental ability to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, set goals and define a purpose. It makes the athlete actively involved in their success.
  3. Consistency – Attendance, work ethic, and technique ingrains the habits that lead to good performance.  The athlete becomes more engaged because it requires a commitment.
  4. Listening – If an athlete doesn’t have the […]
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