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Golden Glove Silver Slugger Winter Camp


EJ Sports & Gamespeed 

Baseball & Softball



Athletes can now experience a condensed sample of two of our most popular programs. 

Hitting, Fielding, Speed & Agility. 

No Camp is more complete in helping you become the

Total Impact Player you want to be. 

January: […]

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December –  Baseball/Softball Hit & Run Class

           Hit  &  Run
Hitting Development & Speed Development.
A great combination of training.
Develop a consistent swing path and enhance your ability to run faster on the base paths.
A great way to get ahead of the competition by developing hitting and improving your game speed in competition.
Ages 9 -15
Grouped By Ability


5-6 PM
6th, 13th,20th, 27th
Cost: $225 (All Sessions) cash/check  $235 credit
          $65 Single session    $70 credit
December –  Baseball/Softball Hit & Run Class 2017-11-17T13:43:05+00:00

Thanksgiving Week  Holiday Hours 

Thanksgiving Week  Holiday Hours
 Sunday  19th: 9am – Noon
Monday  20th: 4-8pm
Tuesday 21st: 10-2pm
Wednesday 22nd – Taking interest list for
Text me if you want to come no later than Sunday 19th.
Sunday 26th:  9am- Noon
Following Classes Closed for the week:
Athletic Infielder Academy
Top Gun
Young Gun
Open Schedule For Private Sessions Call
925 222-9612
Thanksgiving Week  Holiday Hours  2017-11-17T17:00:20+00:00

Soccer Speed & Conditioning

Soccer Speed
Conditioning Class
Ages 12 & Older
Develop Soccer Specific Speed & Strength.


5:30-6:30 PM
5th, 7th,12th, 14th,  19th, 21st,  26th, 28th
Cost: $280 (All Sessions) cash/check  $300 credit
          $40 Single session    $45 credit
11:00- Noon
December  3rd, 10th, 17th
Cost: $105 (All Sessions) cash/check  $115 credit
          $40 Single session    $45 credit
To Sign Up Call: 925 222-9612
We are open to forming a class for younger athletes 12 and under if interested please call or text.
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Baseball- Welcome Back Kotter (actually James Carter that is)

Gamespeed welcomes James Carter a minor league prospect with the Dodgers organization. Some of you might get the 70’s reference  “Welcome back Kotter” tv show.

Anyway James worked with me as a highschooler out of San Ramon Valley and then while at Chabot College 2011-12. He then went on to UCSB where he was drafted by the Dodgers in 2016.

Even though he has been pitching since his tommy john recovery the remnants of inactvity have shown in his body thanks to a Functional Screen. We’ll take this opportunity to build James from the inside out and improve his endurance, durability and functional performance which should improve velocity and overall health.

Courtesy: ThinkBlueLa.com

Carter, 23, was picked by the Dodgers in the 21st round of the 2016 June draft out of the University of California Santa Barbara. He was born in Pomona, California and attended San Ramon Valley High School.

Following his graduation from high school, Carter registered at Chabot College in Hayward, California, playing two years with the Gladiators and helping them foster a 20-game winning streak. In June of his 2014 season he was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 28th round but chose not to sign.

Carter moved on to the University […]

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Reflexx – Reaction Light Training

Hand Eye and Hand Foot coordination are crucial to athletes playing sports with balls. Soccer, football, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and hockey all require a high degree of visiual processing followed by the approriate physical response. There are only a couple ways to train for those moments:

– Team practices
– Scrimmages

Reflexx training allows us to condense the visual, mental processes and physical repsonses into reps at its most base level. It allows us to train over and over again adjusting the stimuli and response time and action. That enables us to train the exact proper athletic response and improve the time in which it occurs.

Block shots- Goalies

Hit Balls – Tennis, Baseball, Racquetball

Field Balls – Baseball, Softball

Catch Balls – Lacrosse, Football

Evade Defenders – Basetball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby


Call Gamespeed and see how we can include Reflexx training into your athletes customized training program. (925) 513-8676

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November Speed Skills Ages 12 & Up

Great for Beginners

Establish the proper habits for speed and movement on the field or court.
Great for Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Football, Tennis

   Speed Skills  

Ages 12 & Up

Instruction In:

Running Form & Technique

First Step Explosiveness

Short Burst Acceleration

5:30-6:30 PM
November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
Cost: $140 (All Sessions) cash/check  $150 credit
          $37 Single session    $40 credit
11:00- Noon
November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
Cost: $140 (All Sessions) cash/check  $150 credit
          $37 Single session    $40 credit
To Sign Up Call: 925 222-9612

Single Session  $40 (credit) $37 (cash/check)

All  Sessions  $150 (credit) $140 (cash/check)


Fun, Easy & Innovative

Training Methods

60 minutes of instruction

Age appropriate exercises

Small Groups

All Sports Welcome

To Sign-up or questions call (925) 222- 9612

Have your own group? Want specialized training? 

 Call us for available times and pricing.   

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Speed Training – Practice Decision Making To Improve Performance

Concord Ca, – Aaron Thigpen , Gamespeed Sports performance
Years ago I had a ball player named Johnny Ash first as a highschooler at Bishop ODowd then as a collegiate at Stanford, then as a minor leaguer (Astros). He was a solid athlete who worked hard, wasnt the most physically gifted but he put in the right work. However, Johnny was clutch, probably the most clutch hitter I’ve seen. Over his careeer I watched him be in pressure situations and come up with not just a hit but the right hit (College World Series). Was it luck? How did he do it?
He and his father Wil intently worked on scenario based hitting mentally and physically practicing a whole range of scenarios and pressure situations to elicit the proper mental and physical response at game time. In his case it wasnt luck, it was skill. 

It’s game time you scan the court or field. Teammates and opposition dot the landscape. What do you do? Can you anticipate your next move? your opponents? The mind has to process in a split second what the appropriate response needs to be. Is it luck,  instinct or purposeful training? I think its some of the latter. […]

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Athletic Infielder Alum & Coach Anthony Villa voted Minor League MVP

Danville, Ca – Anthony Villa (St Mary’s) had a scorching season. The third baseman had batting average of .314 with 16 homeruns and 57 RBI’s. Playing for the Great Falls Voyagers in the Pioneer League (Rookie Advanced) the twenty three year old garnered multiple  honors.

Mid Season All Star

Player of the Week Aug 7th

Post Season All Star

Pioneer League MVP

In his off season Anthony trains at Gamespeed and works with EJ Sports.  Well done AV!! Were proud of you.


Want to Join the 2017-18 Athletic Infielder Academy? Check it out HERE.

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Speed Training – Visual Recognition for Optimal Performance

Concord Ca, Aaron Thigpen Gamespeed Sports Performance

Dynamic sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer require not just fleet feet but a fleet mind. Your ability to see and recognize competitive situations will determine your performance. Notice athletes who always seem to be in the right spot at the right time. Is this some innate ability  or is it the culmination of hours of intent practice? I think the answer is both. Visual Recognition is a skill that can be improved and honed with the proper training.


Steps to Visual Skill Building

  • Get a proper eye exam to identify your visual health.
  • Start with basic visual exercises to improve these abilities:
  • Focus Flexibility – The ability to change focus from a faraway object to a near one, or vice versa.
  • Peripheral Awareness – The ability to perceive what’s going on at either side of you without turning your head.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity – The ability to see objects clearly when they are moving quickly.
  • Depth Perception – The  ability to make spatial judgments, how far away an object or person is from you.
  • Color Vision – The ability to detect different colors and shades.
  • Hand and Eye Dominance – Understanding which is your dominant eye may help an […]
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