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Coach Thigpen enters race to crown worlds fastest man over age 40.

Those who know me best know above all else I’m a competitor and live for the challenge.  2013 will present one of my best challenges to date. Its a race to crown the world fastest sprinter. Sorry Usain Bolt its for those of us over 40 years old. But were no slouches on average we can all run a 4.4 or better in the 40yard dash. The race is scheduled for March and my trainings been going well for weeks. Including myself we have the top five ranked sprinters in this category. The event has invited the top eighteen. That will mean running a heat to qualify for the final.  This makes it interesting because at our age its not just being fast but staying healthy. It wont be easy I’m seven years older (I’m 48) than my competition in most cases. It will be fun, the venue is at my alma mater of San Diego State. I’ve had one tune up race a month ago, a 60m dash which I won at an all comers meet. Tomorrow I’ll run another tuneup, the 100m at Cal Berkley. I’ll post updates as the the date approaches.

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Willie Davenport Olympian Track and Field Clinic

Track & Field Athletes

Coming this Saturday. Meet and work with former Olympians and elite coaches.

This is one of the best clinics in  the Bay area. It is very rare you will see the level of expertise that’s presented at this clinic in such a broad range of events. But just as important as the technical gems are the wisdom and guidance that these former greats use to teach and inspire the attendants. Ive been speaking at this clinic for over 15 years and its always a lot of fun. Its where old school meets new school.

Willie Davenport Olympian Track and Field Clinic 2013


Learn-by doing clinic for all ages

February 2, 2013
at James Logan High School


8:00-9:00 Registration

9:00-4:00 Events

Registration costs:

Special Guests:

  • Rink Babka-Olympian Discus
  • Reynaldo Brown-Olympian High Jump
  • Mike Powell-World Record Holder Long Jump
  • Eddie Hart-World […]

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Track Athletes Open Season: Given lesson in perspective

OK its that time of year. Early track season.  For those who have been toiling the last couple months getting ready for the 2013 season all comers meets provide an early competitive opportunity to test your mettle. With that said inevitably comes the question; how fast should I run? I understand my job as a coach is not only to train but also provide perspective for my athletes concerning their performances and expectations. So here goes. In my book I consider an athlete look at their performance through this list of perspectives.

  1. If you can beat your last seasons opener your on the right track.  That is, given close to identical race conditions. You cant compare running in 75 degree weather with a performance  in 60 degree rain.

  2. Were you able to execute all of the technical points you trained on and learned during your pre-season training? Maybe you ran fast, but did you run right? Running fast in January with poor execution means nothing. Running correctly will win championships in May.

  3. Given good conditions a personal best should come within the first 3-4 meets of the year.

  4. Early season consistency will likely result in a nice drop later when its  more important.

  5. Get early […]

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Energy Drinks

Common sense article on Energy drinks. I’m not a big proponent of them because they are generally overused by athletes. Like anything else moderation and occasional use would be the way to proceed. I prefer athletes use carbohydrates to fuel their workouts. Carbs will give an evenly paced,  longer lasting form of energy. Instead of paying $3-4 for the next quick fix try popping a handful of almonds or dried fruit during a workout. “Beware the man selling magic beans”.

Scant proof is found to back up claims by energy drinks

By Barry Meier

New York Times

01/01/2013 08:43:20 PM PST


Energy drinks are the fastest-growing part of the beverage industry, with sales in the United States reaching more than $10 billion in 2012 — more than Americans spent on iced tea or sports beverages like Gatorade.

Their rising popularity represents a generational shift in what people drink, and reflects a successful campaign to convince consumers, particularly teenagers, that the drinks provide a mental and physical edge.

The drinks are now under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration after reports of deaths and serious injuries that may be linked to their high caffeine levels. But however that review ends, one thing is clear, interviews with researchers […]

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Freshman season comes up “Roses” for GS Craig Jones

I know I’m late on this story but I still think  its worth mentioning. I met Craig Jones back in 2006. He was thirteen years old. Asked where he wanted to go to college he said Stanford. Fast forward to 2012 and he’s not only attending Stanford he’s playing as a freshman on their nationally ranked team. He’s seeing time on special teams and gotta be having the time of his life.  “Name it and claim it baby!”

craig jones rose bowl 2

There’s our boy #59!

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Early college commits for trio of female athletes

zoe marrott (5)

Zoe Marrott Commits to Arizona  State (2016)

Training Regiment: Since 2011 Speed & Power training for softball.

Early commits are common for softball players. Especially those who train at Gamespeed. Zoe is the latest in a string of successful and promising softball players who will be headed into the college ranks once she graduates high school. Athletes such as Kylie Perez (2014/UCLA) and  Johanna Gruer (2014/ Ariz. State) are two other recent GS softball athletes to blaze that trail. I should also mention that all these young women are part of Phil Mumma’s Sorceror softball program. One of the best in the nation. Zoe an all around athlete wowed ASU recruiters in her last two visits with her speed and home run abilities ( 5 HR’s in one weekend.). Her dad Mark mentioned they even commented on how good her running technique was (why thanks, ASU).  Maybe she’ll break ASU’s and Gamespeed Alum Michelle Smiths all time steals record once she gets there. She’ll join Johanna later on at the ASU campus. Johanna, no hazing!


Hadley Swanson Commits to Central Arkansas (2013)

Training Regiment: Since 2006 Speed & Power for […]

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Football: Melin & Hudson named to All East Bay Football Team

Ray Hudson of Foothill High was named second team offense for the Contra Costa Times East Bay team. Hudson will be headed to CAL to play Tight End next year. Praised for his agility as a big man he will join a rebuilding Bears offense. Ray has been a student of Gamespeed since 2009. He tirelessly works on his speed and agility with coach Aaron as well as tactical skills with coach Mike. Earlier this year he had some of the best Nike combine numbers in the area and recently played in the All Star Cal State Game. He sure wont be lonely on campus he will join no fewer than eleven other Gamespeed athletes at CAL.

ray hudson cal state game

Mason Melin of Monte Vista High was named First Team Offense at the tight end position. A great athlete who seems to be following in the footsteps of Mustang alums Ryan Whalen (Stanford/NFL) and  Zack Ertz (Stanford).  For the past two years Mason has worked at Gamespeed to develop his overall athleticism for not only football but baseball as well. Not sure which one he’ll ultimately choose but he’s […]

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Want to Raise Your Game? Theres an App for that! Gamespeed app released.

Alright it took me long enough but here’s the Gamespeed App v1.0.  For a guy who still does’nt text, I now have an app. Go figure.

The app will keep you up to date on what’s going on at Gamespeed.

The App includes:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Photos & Video
  • Our Blog – Athlete stories, Training tips.
  • Introducing our new mobile “Off Site” Workout Program.
  • Notifications of special events, classes, special announcements.

Its a work in progress so I welcome any suggestions on how to best meet the needs of our athletes and parents. Feel free to forward any suggestions, comments or constructive criticism. (It sucks wont help).

Available for all mobile formats. Download the app here:

Copy & paste the url below and follow the directions:


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College athletes revisit their training roots at Gamespeed after solid seasons

Every spring, summer and winter break brings athletes back home. I’m glad to see these athletes consider Gamespeed home. These longtime athletes trust our work and we enjoy seeing them walk through the door. We hear about their experiences which gives us great pride but also provides us with valuable experiences we can relay onto our younger clients. These guys and gals are fine examples of  what student athletes should be. We area part of their athletic roots and its great to continue to play a role in their development.

Here are just a few:

Kiara Garcia Oregon State Softball


Kiara has been a GS athlete for over six years. We’ve watched the former Rodrieguz High star move on to be the starting second baseman for the Beavers. She gets back to GS every summer and winter break and this years no different. We put together programs aimed at honing her overall athleticism and keep her ready for the rigors of college level competition.  Great to have you back “Ya”.  Here’s how her 2012 freshman season went:

Started all 59 games at second base, posting a .242 average (31-for-128) with 22 runs scored […]

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