2017-18 Top Gun – Throwers Off Season Development Program

Please bear with me, just a quick story:
“Two years ago a young man showed up at Gamespeed. He had been cut from his high school team his senior year. Now he was entering his first year of Junior college but still had the desire to play. I asked him how good he was and he said he didn’t “throw very hard but I know I can play”.  I said let’s get you evaluated. I sent him to a very knowledgable and respected pitching coach in the area. After throwing for the coach , he was told pretty much “he didn’t have it”, his velocity was 72-74mph and he was 18 years old, just too far behind. He was undersized and his body unathletic and weak. I asked him what did he want to do, he said I know I can play, so I said let’s get to work. For the next two years this young man put his head down and got to it, he worked out 3-4 days a week a Gamespeed and did the homework I gave him. He rarely missed a workout and […]

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Home Training: 5 Personal Qualities That Lead to Athletic Success

Parents frequently ask me, “what can I do to get my athlete better?” In their minds the focus is always on athletic abilities ie, run faster, get stronger, jump higher. While these can improve performance there is a more profound and far reaching approach that will not only translate into better athletic performance but also better functioning young adults. It requires no equipment, guru trainer or state of the art gym.  All it takes is the simple decision to do so.

Five Personal Qualities That Lead to Athletic Success:

  1. Organizational skills – Teach your athlete how to organize their lives, if an athlete can’t juggle chores, school work and other activites they won’t have the discipline to structure their athletic life of practices, workouts and competitons effectively.
  2. Preparation skills– Prepearation requires forethought  and the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive. Preparation calls for the mental ability to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, set goals and define a purpose. It makes the athlete actively involved in their success.
  3. Consistency – Attendance, work ethic, and technique ingrains the habits that lead to good performance.  The athlete becomes more engaged because it requires a commitment.
  4. Listening – If an athlete doesn’t have the […]
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Fatigue Management – Outpace & Outlast Ward v Kovalev 2

Photo Courtesy BoxingScene.com Radio Rahim


Concord, Ca – Leading up to the Ward V Kovlaev 2 fight much was to be said about Kovalev’s improved conditioning and stamina. HBO’s  24/7 even featured his training at altitude with a russian biathlon coach. Conversely ours explosive. Check it out HERE were at 17:09.

His manager Kathy Duva stated that he was much improved in his endurance. She loosely states the first fight was a sprint and boxing is an endurance sport. Well yes and no. I see boxing as intermitent sprinting. It takes some of both. Liken it to high intensity and low intensity intervals with a one minute rest. To solely rely on the aerobic system (endurance) is a recipe for disaster. It’s your anaerobic system (speed/power) that allows you to burst repeatedly. Boxing is a speed and power sport and developing the anaerobic energy system is paramount.

I’ve read Kovalevs strategy was to quicken or push the pace from the onset. Well if your working faster than you normally do and dont train at that pacing for a significant time (acclimate) period prior to the event regardless of how much aerobic training you have you can’t maintain the pace and thus fall […]

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Andre Ward v Kovalev 2- How we developed that unsuspected power!

Photo Credit- BoxingScene.com

Andre Wards dramatic stoppage of bitter rival Sergei Kovalev has everyone talking how the tables may have been turned. Kovalev known for his knock out power was the obivious choice for who was going to land the more devastating shots. Of course performance coach Aaron Thigpen of Gamespeed and Andre  Ward knew something else. Scott Christ of SB Nation commented in a recent article:

” The power punches were a real surprise, with Ward landing 53 of 144 (37%) and Kovalev scoring on 50 of 223 (22%), with Ward often seeming like he was landing the harder shots.”

Suprise? well not to me. From the onset of our training we worked on improving Andre’s power. Where did it come from? The answer, a complex series of rotational exercises aimed at utilizing Andres improved leg strength. Quite simply we established a better kinetic chain or simply connection between his legs, hips, and upper body torso. I believe “force/power”  starts from the ground up.  Any problems in coordination, balance,  range of motion or joint stability will prevent that “force/power” to stop prematurely in the chain or leak resulting in limited or no force/power. If you want STOPPING POWER like Andre Ward add […]

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Tracksters on to State Meet – Others conclude strong seasons

The track season culminates into the ultimate meet this weekend with the State Championships in Fresno. Gamespeed will have a couple representatives. Other GS athletes many who are underclassmen have finished their seasons with strong performances hinting to the making of a spectacular 2018 season.  For example Sophomore sprint sensation Chinyere Okoro (Amador Valley)  is a state qualifier and Gamespeed’s “Three Horsemen” of the 400m’s  trio of Kiren Thigpen Liberty, (50.55)  Elijah Sheppard  Monte Vistas, (49.84) and Elijah Weetman Amador  (50.63) just missed the 400m NCS at large time but you can look to these guys to be solidly in the hunt next year with each having the potential to run in the 48 second range. Along with some other underclassmen from other schools the boys 400m could be the toughest and most exciting event next year.

Chinyere Okoro (Amador) State qualifier in the 100m 11.95  second at NCS Meet of Champions  &  200m  24.64 good for 5th at MOC’s.  Hit a personal best of 11.81 earlier this season.

Ryan Searl (Napa) The “Napa flash” freshman sprinter continued to improve breaking his school record with a time of 11.43 at 100m (9th NCS Class A). He also posted PR’s  in – 200m […]

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Wanna Make The Cut? Points A Freshman Athlete Should Consider.

Concord Calif- One of the biggest disappointments in an athletes life can be failing to make the high school team. For freshman athletes it can be particularly  devastating. Every year I see little league and pop warner  “all stars” get blindsided and not make the cut. High school sports for the most part are serious. The transition requires a higher level of commitment, higher intensity of training and higher volumes of work. Don’t fool yourself by believing the success you’ve had to this point will easily carry over to the next level. You wanna make the cut? Be clear on what your facing and what you will need to do to make the coaches list.

Consider these points:


  1. Physical Strength -Many athletes lack the physical strength to compete with their peers. Understand the talent pool gets bigger and coaches have a broader selection of talent to choose from. Start early on a resistance program. Ok mom quit clutching your pearls, No it doesn’t mean hard core weight lifting and dads  don’t rush to enroll in your nearest hardcore crossfit or bootcamp. There are many appropriate options that can consider your athletes current level of physical development and training IQ and provide […]
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Gamespeed Summer Hours Start June 5th

Summer Hours

June 5th to August 24th

Sunday: 9am – Noon

Monday: 4:00 – 8:00pm

Tuesday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Wednesday: 4:00 –  8:00pm

Thursday: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Friday- Privates 10:00 – Noon

Saturday – Closed

Available Private Session Slots

Monday & Wednesdays:   2-4 pm & 6- 8pm

Tuesday& Thursday:  9 am & 2-4pm
Fridays: 10am – Noon
Sundays: Noon – 2pm
Call 925 222-9612 to schedule

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Inside Andre Ward’s Gamespeed Training Camp – (a pictoral updated weekly)

Three-belt light-heavyweight champion Andre Ward of Oakland agreed to a June 17 rematch with Russia’s former champion Sergey Kovalev at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Ward (31-0, 15 knockouts) survived a second-round knockdown to pile up rounds in the second half of his Nov. 19 first meeting with then-unbeaten Kovalev and emerged with a unanimous-decision victory by three judges’ scores of 114-113.

Ward has been training with Gamespeed’s Aaron Thigpen since preparing for his super six tournament win over Carl Froch in 2011.



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High School Ready Program


So you want to play high school sports? Are you ready for tryouts when school starts? Most parents and athletes are caught off guard by the number of kids and level of talent who show up to that first day of tryouts and soon realize there’s more competition than anticipated. Every year viable freshmen athletes are “cut” because their not prepared. In the highly competitive Bay Area not knowing is not an excuse.

The time between the ages of 11 and 15 can be the most challenging for an aspiring athlete. Growth spurts, hormonal changes and doing real training workouts for the first time can make it very difficult to be an athlete both physically and mentally. Most athletes wait to be given their spot, Gamespeed athletes  work actively to take their spot.

Typical issues freshman face:

  • Lack of speed.
  • Lack of size.
  • Poor coordination & balance.
  • Poor conditioning.
  • Poor mental toughness, discipline.
  • Lack of training experience or knowledge.
  • Lack of sport or position knowledge (if new sport).
  • Lack of strength, flexibility.
  • Inability to organize their training, equipment, time management.
  • Poor nutrition and eating habits.
  • etc, etc, etc……….

The purpose of this program […]

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(Bret Sterrer – Alhambra High- Lewis & Clark College -Baseball/Pitcher)

Gamespeed’s College Ready Program was devised at the onset of its existence. Taking from my own experiences as an athlete and coach I saw the importance of  being prepared for the transitions from middle  to high school, high school to college and college to professional athletics. There is a jump at each level both physically and mentally.

Years later it seems very few have caught on to change things.  Nice to know that Gamespeed athletes are not in that majority.  I am always proud to post on our site and sing the praises of  the GS trained athlete in college.  The athletes illustrate the importance of  properly”managed training” and its effect on how far you can go. Our off-season “College Ready Program” is specifically designed to keep you from being a statistic. Being good enough to get recruited is short-sighted, you want to be good enough to play.  Waiting until your on campus may be too late.

A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning published a survey on the opinions of university strength and conditioning coaches and the preparedness of freshman athletes […]