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Q: Who is Gamespeed?

A: The owner is Aaron Thigpen, former world-class track athlete and speed and movement coach of twenty years experience. It is also a host of other reputable “independent” professionals who provide training services at the training facility. These include: Brian Engberg of Five Tool Instruction Baseball and guest instructors Erik Johnson of EJ Sports and Quang Hamon of Bulldog Soccer.

Q: How does Gamespeed work?

A: First you sign up for an initial evaluation/training session. This enables Aaron to evaluate your athletic skills and starts as a jumping off point for your development. Second, a training schedule is set based on your abilities, goals, frequency, budget, and time constraints. Third, you attend and undergo the training.

Q: What services are offered by Gamespeed?

A:  Gamespeed is primarily a Speed, Movement, Explosive Power and Conditioning service. We have made our reputation off of having one of if not the best speed development program on the West Coast. Not only local athletes but athletes outside the area and state come to the Gamespeed training center.

Q: What type of athlete do you work with?

A:  All types, we train athleticism (i.e., speed, explosive power, conditioning) we have Rugby, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Track, Lacrosse, Softball etc. Speed is universal!!

Q: What are you looking for in an athlete?

A:  I’m looking for a self-motivated athlete who wants to improve their performance, has goals, desire and the ability to follow and take instruction. Talent is not required. I am not a babysitter or a cheerleader. If you’re not serious don’t bother.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A:  Sessions generally run from 60-90 minutes.

Q: What are the rates?

A:  Initial evaluation $68 followed by purchasing blocks of sessions:

5 for $232
10 for $412
20 for $772
Privates start at $88
Q: Whom will my athlete work with?

A:  Aaron the owner who on some days is helped by his assistant.

Q: Whom develops my program?

A:  Aaron writes the training and development programs for ALL athletes.

Q: What makes Gamespeed different?

A:  Our training approach:

• We focus on “Teaching” not working out. Anyone can work out an athlete and you shouldn’t have to pay a premium for that. Our approach is to teach the athlete how to use their body in the most effective way given their abilities and sport. All with the purpose of developing and building the athlete towards their optimal model.
• Customized training for the individuals based on, sport, position, goals, developmental not chronological age and abilities.

Q: What types of methods are used?

A: It varies according to the needs of the athletes. It could include; resistance or assistance training, plyometrics, calisthenics, pilates, yoga, isometrics, vision work, core work, joint stabilization the list goes on…

Q: Why go to Gamespeed?

A:  Go to Gamespeed if you’ re truly sincere about becoming better. Our success rate is unmatched in this area. We have no equal because of the depth of our knowledge and our never-ending pursuit to find new ways to improve athletes. We don’t coddle athletes along we respect their ability, time and devotion but we also hold them responsible in our partnership of their development.

Q: Do you conduct tests?

A:  We don’t conduct traditional tests. They tell you nothing of an athlete’s improvement in regards to the playing environment. I know its common for other training facilities to push their in-house tests and want to compare you to others in the facility. This makes the athlete and the parents feel very good. I deal in the real world reality of the playing environment. Great on a test doesn’t equate to great on the field.

So you have the highest vertical or fastest 40yard dash at the center. Big deal. Have you learned to apply those abilities to the competitive scenario? I have the fullest confidence my athletes get better so what I look for is game scenario results, beating out an infield hit, getting to the soccer ball first on the break, sharper line drives, more fast-breaks or rebounds. You don’t come to me to feel good about a test you come to be able to perform when it counts, on the field or court.
Programs are designed with a progressive format built in. In other words throughout the training process the athletes routine gets increasingly more challenging as they complete their phases. So as each phase is completed, we know the athlete has attained certain skills and abilities which are applicable to improving their game play as well as setting the foundation for the next training phase of their personalized development plan.