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Homework (FREE)






We understand Gamespeed is only one part of your training picture. We help our athletes when their not at our facility by providing extended training management in three formats.

1. “Homework”- Simply these are “minimal” suggestions to what the athlete should be doing outside our doors. Homework generally covers four (4) weeks of training.  They usually encompass running or lifting suggestions that compliment the athletes training at Gamespeed. You can now perform “interactive” workouts with just a quick tap. Your workouts, will include exercise images, videos, target intensities and all instructions. You can view it instantly on your phone, the web or downloadable PDF complete with exercise videos or printable for on the go use. Staying up to Gamespeed has never been so simple.

Cost: See “GYM PASS”


2. Off Site Plan-  A fully customized program designed for out of area athletes. . This feature allows you to receive, perform & log your Off Site workout. View chart and graphs of your workout performance. That log is synced back to your profile with Gamespeed and allows us to monitor your progress, make suggestions and recommend changes. This 360 degree feedback loop, from you, to Gamespeed is a powerful way to maximize your training.

Cost: Call for price

Gamespeed “GYM PASS” On Site Access ($27 Quarterly subscription).
For current members “Gym Pass” allows you to access your in house training program while at Gamespeed. Use your mobile phone or our in-house kiosks to follow your current program and stay on track of your exercises, sets, reps. Make up to date changes, log your work and get readouts of your progress.