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Gamespeed & You: The Building of a Personal Athletic Development Plan.

Being an athlete today is complicated. School teams, club teams, travel squads, private instructors, one or all of these may be in an athlete’s life. At Gamespeed our job is not just to train you but help you put these parts together in a way to ensure your success. With over twenty years in the business there’s not much we haven’t seen. Were here to help the parent and athlete  figure out the best course of action in handling everyone involved in their sporting life.
A Customized Gamespeed Program Gives Athletes:
  • A  Managed Athletic Plan (M.A.P). A strategy to provide your athlete with the necessary training resources both physically and mentally to move to the next level. We set training schedules and priorities to have you ready at the right time.
  • Identifies the Optimal Athletic Model for your athletes current abilities within each sport and position played. We define who you are and who you need to be as an athlete to be successful.
  • Provides counsel to athletes and parents on navigating the logistical, mental and political issues that arise when juggling, school, club and private training entities.  Were a sounding board for parents and athletes who need and want unbiased sound advice.

Youth Athletes


A young athlete’s body is constantly changing. Growth  changes that effect athletic performance can occur over weeks or months. Managing an ever changing body requires understanding and proper care. You can’t take the same approach with a pre-teen as you would with high school or adult athletes. The “train like the Pros” approach is unwise for youth athletes. As a parent have you encountered with your athlete:

  • Chronic knee, elbow, back pain
  • Growth spurts
  • Sudden lack of balance or coordination
  • Sudden loss of strength or speed
  • Chronic lack of energy or fatigue

These are all common occurrences. At Gamespeed we know how to handle these problems and devise programs to not only work through but teach you and your athlete how to handle their ever changing bodies. By setting proper training habits such as proper warm-up, stretching, exercise technique, and recovery practices we can help you and your athlete navigate through what can be a frustrating stage.


Pre Teens (Middle School)

Ethan Chinn

These athletes need the physical and mental preparation to handle the ever increasing demands of sports. At this point sports are more structured and have a higher volume of practices. In addition, some athletes find themselves participating on multiple teams and sports at the same time. Their bodies need to properly adapt to the increase in pace, volume and intensity. At this point an athlete will also need to develop the mental capacity to understand things like exertion, intensity, the difference between pain that builds and pain that hurts and self confidence in one’s ability. We help the athlete with that transition by providing a bridge that will assist them in physically being prepared and mentally coping with what they currently face and what will lie ahead at the next level (i.e. high school).


Teens (High School)

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At this level sports take on a more serious part of their athletic life. Athletes with post high school aspirations need not just training, but management and guidance. It may start with matching and narrowing sport selection and playing position. A path must be set to ensure future development and success. We may help you and your athlete with:

-Identifying and building an athletic profile for the appropriate level of collegiate participation.

– Establishing a plan to fit that profile which may include physical training, skill training, and mental preparation.- Assist with talent outlets like preparation for combines, showcases, and tryouts.- Evaluate current training programs to identify strengths and weaknesses.
– Help develop the synergy to make all the parts work together towards the athlete’s goal. (Team practice, private coaches, high school workouts, nutrition, and recovery).


Collegiate Athletes


Off season, college prep, post collegiate, pre-professional career are all times Gamespeed can provide you with the help you need to succeed. “College ready” is what our graduating prep athletes need to be. We have an outstanding record of our athletes starting as incoming freshman to some of the country’s most demanding university programs. Our athletes are complimented on their ability to not only transition but compete at the collegiate level. During breaks and off season work on individual needs, tune up and go back to school ready to compete. If entertaining professional career develop your “athletic profile” to be the player the scouts are looking for.


Professional Athletes

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We provide a no nonsense, no frills service. At this point it’s your livelihood and a business. We can provide comprehensive training management or specialty services to compliment your existing training team. Most professionals lose their job not because they don’t work, but because they don’t do the right work. We provide that extra set of eyes, objective perspective and honest assessment to make sure you not only play at the professional level but have a “career” at the professional level.
Teams & Clubs

Gamespeed can become that special coach for your team. We can offer a variety of services to enhance your team’s level of play. We specialize in building custom programs based on the team’s athletic needs. We can identify goals for the team, positions within the team and individualized needs of players. Provide something your competitors can’t professional level training that has an impact.