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We provide a no nonsense, no frills service. At this point it’s your livelihood and a business. We can provide comprehensive training management or specialty services to compliment your existing training team. Most professionals lose their job not because they don’t work, but because they don’t do the right work. We provide that extra set of eyes, objective perspective and honest assessment to make sure you not only play at the professional level but have a “career” at the professional level.

Advantages of working with Gamespeed

  • No Trainer Bait N Switch: All work is done with the number one professional. Your not pawned off on interns or assistants. Aaron Thigpen  takes a hands on approach with every athlete. Why pay thousands of dollars just to work with an employee.

  • Drop The  Pack Mentality: Training is one to one, with exceptions of up to a three person maximum. How can you get the attention you need if your just one of the crowd.  This is your time to focus, get inside yourself, and figure out what makes you better as an athlete and become that athlete. If you got that special connection with a training mate fine but only bring those who are as serious as you are.

  • Keep Your Edge: To rise to the top its not just do more, it’s do the right things and things others may not have discovered yet. How can you separate yourself from the pack if your doing the same things. At Gamespeed were not afraid do things your competition isn’t. Were always on a quest to discover the next frontier in training in both mind and body.

  • Mutual Understanding & Mutual Respect: Work with Aaron Thigpen a former worldclass level athlete, someone who can relate to where your going and where you want to be. There’s a communication and mutual understanding that take the coach- athlete training interactions to a whole new level.

  • Your place, your time: We can customize our schedule to meet your needs. Short tune-ups, long term training, whatever your needs. Our flexibility allows us to  respond to your athletic lifestyle. We do early AM, PM or mid day workouts.

“I love Gamespeed and the work Aaron provides. It’s intense and very effective. Hard work is hard work, but when your coach is a stand up guy it makes the work a little easier”.
Andre Berto, TwoTime Welterweight World Champion
“I have been working with Coach Aaron for a little under one year on a very consistent basis and without question, he has completely changed me as an athlete and my perspective of training and racing. His attention to the demands of my sport, and the ability to translate that into unique training plans is unparalleled in my experience. I am a completely different and much better athlete as a result.”
Alex Tellez, Top 5 National Duathlon FInisher