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For more than 18 years, Gamespeed has been the training center of choice for the Bay Area’s best baseball players. During that time, I have trained no less than 34 Major League Baseball professionals, as well as countless top high school prospects. Gamespeed-trained baseball players have gone on to compete at some of the nation’s best collegiate programs: UCLA, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, San Diego State, Chabot, Ohlone, and Diablo Valley to name a few. Add to that some of the area’s top travel programs like EJ Sports, Nor Cal, Blankenship, the Gamers and others you see Gamespeed has a deep involvement in Bay area baseball. If you’re reading about a local top prospect in the newspaper, chances are he’s a Gamespeed athlete. I work with young baseball athletes trying to raise their game from the little league level to collegiate hopeful to aspiring professional.

At Gamespeed, baseball players raise their game by focusing on:

Speed         Throwing velocity            Hitting power          Fielding range        Bat speed & Bat Power




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Gamespeed’s soccer athletes hail from the Bay Area’s best high school and club programs. They know Gamespeed will help them stay a step ahead of the competition. Gamespeed offers these athletes sport-specific training in speed, anaerobic conditioning, explosive agility and collision training to dramatically improve their game. Our athletes routinely make the Contra Costa Times’ Bay Area’s best lists, league all stars, national, state and major league teams. Some of Gamespeed’s most recent athletes are on the NY Red Bulls and LA Galaxy. Our collegiate athletes play at some of the nation’s best soccer programs, including Montana, San Diego State, San Jose State, UC Santa Barbara, UOP, University of Redlands, Santa Clara and Cal.



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In the last 18 years, I have worked with more than 17 NFL athletes and am the trainer of choice for some of the Bay Area’s most prestigious athlete representative agencies. Gamespeed athletes have moved on to all levels of collegiate football at top-ranked schools, including, UCLA, Nevada, Las Vegas, San Diego State, Cal, Arizona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of Oregon, Oregon State, San Francisco City and Butte. Whether your goal is making an impression at the NFL combine or dominating local games, Gamespeed continues to be a leader in the athletic development of football talent. Our athletes see results in:

Speed         Size &  Strength          Explosive Power        Multi-directional Agility       Throwing Strength       Anaerobic Condition




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Track and field athletes have a special place at Gamespeed. As a former national-caliber sprinter, I have a special connection as well as insights into developing these athletes. Past Gamespeed-trained athletes included two Olympians, two world champions, 26 state collegiate finalists, 42 college conference champions, 14 high school state qualifiers and finalists, as well as numerous youth Hershey and AAU national competitors. In the past few years, Gamespeed has been the training ground for some of the Bay Area’s top sprinters. At Gamespeed, track athletes learn the insights of professional level sprint mechanics and techniques as well as the mental preparation needed to be successful on the track. Track-specific training includes:

Block starts and acceleration      Sprint form and technique          Race management and strategy          Race specific conditioning: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m Relays, Long Jump, Hurdles.

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When the region’s top clubs want their best players to take their game to the next level, they know there’s only one place to train: Gamespeed. Sorcerer, Grapettes, Bears, Valley Stompers and many other local clubs send their athletes to train at Gamespeed. Over the past several years, our athletes have moved on to Arizona State, UC San Diego, San Diego State, UCLA, Cal Berkeley and many of the nation’s other top programs. In partnership with the region’s best private instructors, Gamespeed has developed specialty programs to develop and enhance the abilities of pitchers and slappers.




Our athletes are just as fast in the water as they are on land. At Gamespeed we develop customized “Dryland” training programs. These workouts have focused on developing joint strength and flexibility, powerful legs and hips and developing the proper anaerobic capacity needed for explosive bursts in water sports. The demands of swimming are closely related to those of sprinting and who better than Gamespeed to understand and implement the right exercises to raise your game. Recently we have been instrumental in training  a nationally ranked sixteen year old  2012 Olympic trials qualifier in the womens 200IM & 400IM and sent a waterpolo player on a full scholarship to Pepperdine.




All Sports

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The training skills and techniques we use at Gamespeed can benefit serious athletes in all sports. Over the years, we have trained a wide spectrum of athletes who compete in Boxing, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Motocross and Martial Arts, and at all levels, including high school, travel and college, as well as professional. Our success story includes:

World Middle Weight Champion: Andre Ward

Three European Professional Basketball Players. U.S. Olympic Women’s Rugby Team Captains
Three-Time Men’s Rugby National Champions
Numerous collegiate and club top-ranked Lacrosse Players. Seventeen athletes of the National Football League

Two Olympians
Two World Champions
26 State Collegiate Track & Field Champions 42 College Conference Champions
Two Men’s National Rugby Champions
Two Women’s National Rugby Champions